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UVF-500D is the lowest cost, most user friendly, ruggedized, accurate, and repeatable oil in water and oil in soil analyzer on the market and are known as the “industrial standard” oil in water analyzer.
And it is the 1:1 replacement of the previously version called TD-500D.

Compatible with all popular extraction solvents.

The applications are typical test of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in crude oils, fuel oils, water oils, creosote, coal tars, bitumen and many other petroleum contaminates with heavy PAH compounds.

The UVF-500D are ideal for ruggedized use for applications like:

  • Produced water optimization
  • Monitor storm water
  • Waste water
  • Clean water verification
  • Test of oil in water
  • Oil in soil on-site

The instrument and it’s accessories are available from stock for delivery worldwide.

We highly recommend to add the UVF-500D Starter Kit (part no.: 90300) to your UVF-500D as it can support in getting the best out of the UVF-500D instrument.


SKU: 50200
  • Description Qty
    UVF-500D Analyzer 1
    AAA Batteries (installed) 4
    TPH 100 ppm Solid Standard 1
    8 mm Cuvette Adapter 1
    Operating Manual 1
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