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Oil & Gas Commodities Trading
Our former experience working with Oil & Gas  major companies such as Exxon, Statoil, BP, Sonatrach, YPF, Bras Petro, KPC, Atlantic LNG, etc, across the globe have built  proven skills on international trading and financing allowing Inverse United  for having privileged access to reliable primary sources of hydrocarbon commodities  and alternative energy hardware producers, positioning IU as a reliable business partner.

Our expertise in the Oil & Gas Industry dates from 1970 on major projects engineering and building onshore and offshore facilities around the globe in the jungles and desertic areas as well in oceans in Northern Europa, South Pacific and Americas. We are seasoned group of professionals of different disciplines on engineering, finances and marketing, building and operating oil and gas facilities in projects with excess value of $45bn during the last 50 years.

We are well positioned in the Energy trading during the last decade which had help us to build required knowledge, agility, and functional capital to rapidly identify and capture opportunities as they arise. Each transaction is complex and requires swift capability to be in the right place at the right time and circumstance. Inverse United management team knows this drill very well and in consonance to act responsibly but challenging odds to safe navigate every deal in stable and unstable markets with its volatile prices and product demand and offer as being happening since 2008 to nowadays.

We are the partners of choice for reliably supply or purchase Diesel Fuels (ULSD EN-590, AGO,D2-L0.2/62 GOST 305-82, ULSD CAT 61), Gasolines (RON 91, 93,95,98), Crude Oils (lights and heavy), Aviation Kerosene’s, Bitumen, Bunkers,

We have an extensive network of Commodities trading houses in the Middle east, Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas which help us to supply our clientele and also give us a great and opportune levering  to acquire oil derivatives  when required.

We are well informed on the refining capability throughputs, storing and transportation worldwide to strategize the best way we can serve our clients. This allow us to source the right products, closer to our clients reducing freight costs and times for delivery.

Oil and Gas Trading: Service


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