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The Sitelab TPH Oil Calibration Kit in Hexane solvent is used for oil in water applications.
Contains ready-to-use calibration standards used to calibrate UVF-500D.
Includes Certificate of Analysis, MSDS and instructions.

See our quick reference guides for more information:

  • Calibration Kit in Hexane Solvent – Quick Reference Guide

Note that this kit are made to order and have a 6 month expiration date.
It will be delivered from factory, USA with a fixed global shipping cost of USD 150.00

Sitelab TPH Oil Calibration Kit in Hexane solvent

SKU: CAL-056H-500D
  • Description Qty
    Calibration standards 3
    Reference standards (for backup) 2
    Test tubes 3
    Disposable Transfer Pipette Tips (100 Microliter – same as 100370) 3
    Glass cuvettes (8 mm size – same as 50957) 20
    Certificate of Analysis and MSDS 1

    Note: The calibration kits have a 6-month expiration date and will be shipped from US stock.

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